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There's a Birther in New Jersey, Owes Me a Condo!

Be careful what you wager. There's a Birther in New Jersey who bet me his house (turns out it's a condo,) that jus soli doesn't apply to the children of illegal immigrants. I probably won't be able to (and wouldn't want to) collect on the bet as stated, as it would involve putting a first cousin once removed (his wife) out of her home, and that would be uncool. I am however unemployed and would gladly accept a lower value payout in leui of the Condo. *Wink.* I do have an Amazon Wishlist Mr. Birther, I really been itching for that Pukifee Bonnie... If that's too rich for your blood, how about a copy of Portal 2? 8^P

Of course, the core portion of the argument has already been submitted to Failbook, though it'll be a few weeks before we know if it makes the front page like my Sketchy Bunny did... Go Vote for this Fail!!!

The expanded version of the argument however, can be read here, with commentary!!!!

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Unemployment Bites...

Well that's two hours of my life I COULD have spent actually looking for a job.

It's not the fault of the poor people who have to work in the unemployment office. I mean I don't fault the guy in charge of what New York State dubs "Unemployment Orientation" for the fact that his curriculum necessarily panders to the lowest common denominator. It's kind of like taking defensive driving. You sit there and wonder who in that room is REALLY unaware that your car must come to a complete stop at stop signs and why we're letting them drive if they didn't pick that up by now, and conclude of course that the people who need to actually be told these things are few and far between, but they have to tell everyone just in case, like warning messages on hot beverage cups.

They did have handouts on some job fairs which I'll find of use, but that's pretty much all I took away from the orientation, so when the guy is all "and I know you're busy, so if you want to go now you can, or if you would like a consultation with a job councilor stay," I stayed, because the one-on-one is really the only thing they have there that is useful to professional type job seekers.

This time, unlike previous visits to the job councilor, they seem to have given the one-on-one counselors some special instruction on how to deal with the large numbers of young people who have yet to enter the workforce due to the economy, but contrary to the fellow's eyeball judgment of me, that's not me. Because I got a job right out of college, I have not retained the ease of mobility that some people who still haven't got a job yet have. I've put down roots. I have "real" furniture. I have a lease. I have two cats. His advice: "You're young! You should just move!" is already too late.

So in the end all I came out with were two job fairs to attend, and two good pointers on reformatting my resume for better appeal.

Capitol Region, I do not want to move: EMPLOY ME!!!


Busy, Busy, Busy...

So... right... back from a morning shift feeding the Whiskers kittays at Petsmart... and I think it's time I got a few things straight in my head here, because there's a lot of stuff on my mental "To Do" List...

Firstly, every fracking day, and this won't be done till I find a job: Spend at least 2 hours a day on job search. If no jobs can be found that day, work on portfolio. Not super desperate, unemployment should hold the roof over my head and food on my table... but until I get a job back, there's no fun money to be had... so yes. Job. Get one.

I need to get up to speed as a Storyteller for Nocturne Macabre, and get stuff in order for my plot for that on Friday. I need to re-photo Etsy Offerings that have not yet been re-photoed, and get two custom designs made ASAP. I need to pay more attention to my Deviant Art Account, upload some re-photoed Etsy, and other art and I should get the two chapters of "Alphabet Soup" already in progress published already. Lastly, I think it's time I get a Flickr Account, everyone in the BJD community has one, and I should probably to, for when I get my PukiFee, in the meantime I can put Etsy product pictures and LARP/Cosplay project pictures in my Photostream...

I also want to actually get to play with those new tassel beads I got in... I've got daggers and teardrops and I want to make something nifty out of them for my Etsy shop... and I need to debut the woven design and the three new colors of pearl too, but it's hard when I'm limiting which days I work on Etsy, to like, one really long intensive day every two to four weeks, to try and avoid loosing too much unemployment, since the Etsy shop doesn't really pay... and the re-photoing is top priority.

Plus everyone and his uncle needs a ride when I'm unemployed... I swear I should be a taxi driver. I'd only need to find 50 people to pay me 10 dollars a ride each week to make it work... probably the wear and tear on the car tho would offset that some... and taxes... no... I think I'll stay a Dev. (CALL ME CENGAGE!!!)

Punky Power

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean...

I've settled on which Ball Jointed Doll I want to start with...

The PukiFee Bonnie.

She's adorable, with those needy pleading eyes, and adorable freckles. Like she's just begging you to take her home and love her and take care of her! When I'm employed again, I plan to get a basic Bonnie, and get her a short, bobbed adorable brown wig, similar to the one the full package comes with... I've already picked out a pair of blue leggings and a cute grey hoodie on Etsy in which to clothe her...

I'm clearly out of my sarking mind at this point, because I've totally fallen in love with a product I'm not even certain of the quality or longevity of...

So... if anyone's reading...

What do you know about Fairyland PukiFees? Are they good? Do they have known problems?

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This has got to quit happening...

So... I'm laid off again. Happened on Thursday, but I've kind of been moping and loafing around since, so yeah... I actually got the heads up that it might be happening last Friday right before Genericon, which contributed heavily to my lack of desire to go to Karaoke, but they said there was a possibility it wouldn't happen... and I tried to hope.

Once again they say they want me back as soon as they have work for me, and this time, seeing as how they've had me back before, I believe them, but it's still fairly depressing getting laid off again, especially just now, where, what with MayoWare running, I had a little fun money for buying myself fun things like Evangelion nodes, and maybe a Ball Jointed Doll... that's all scrapped now. None of that while unemployed, and no Sushi either unless someone else is footing the bill. I don't know what I'll miss more this time... Sushi, or shopping for myself. I'd never really done much of that before, but I think I was getting used to it.

I keep window shopping anyhow over at the Fairyland site, anyway tho. I'm not sure what it is about these Ball Jointed Dolls. I never window shop when I don't have money, but here I am doing super huge amounts of research on the things. Fairyland makes the Littlefee I saw at the con. The LittleFee and PukiFee are so cute... not sure which one I want. I think PukiPuki is too small. That's Kelly doll sized.

I'll be looking for another job, of course, since I can't count on them ever getting work for me again, but stupid as it sounds, I love working for them so much that I really hope they'll be calling me back soon!!!
On the Moon with Steve

Genericon 2010!!!!

Well it seems to me that I haven't blogged Genericon since 2005... even tho I have never stopped going, so here we go!!!!

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Then I went and missed a good few hours, being the ASM for 1776 at the RPI Playhouse. We were having our first read-thru and I totally couldn't miss that.

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Over the first two days, I was asked no more than four times if I was a Persicom.

No one knows Evangelion anymore. It's sad.

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On the way to Uncle Yo, I stopped to talk to some BJDers about the little ones... well only one of them had a little one sitting down on the table, I think it was a little bigger than the one I held last year. They said it was a LittleFee and it's owner wasn't there at the moment to talk to me, so I'll have to do more research online.

I want a BJD!!!!

Butterflys are Free

Genericon here I come!!!

So, I'm a little behind, or more than a little behind, on publishing in Alphabet Soup. I will get to that within a few weeks I hope, however.

I got my resin Eva Nodes in the mail today, from Feralworks, so between that and some stuff I'm planning to borrow from Jake's closet, I'm pretty much set for Genericon. I love the feel of the resin they're made of... I want Asuka Red ones, and think I want to commission a custom set in Toji midnight blue for stage managing. I might just get hooked and wind up trying to get them in Kensuke Green and Hikari Orange too... but resin... that brings me to my next thought.

Ball. Jointed. Dolls.

Last year I held this tiny handful of a doll at Genericon, and I need to find the BJDers again and find out who makes those little guys, because I think I'm going to take up the hobby, and I want a little one like that. Not a white one... that little guy was white with a grey wig and light eyes. I want a girl with brown hair and dark eyes. Handful sized.

Much as the Dolfie Dreams look nice on DannyChoo... I can't justify having something that big in my place... plus they're vinyl. I want resin... and the little ones are so cute and have a nice weight to them.

On the Moon with Steve

Macs are Strange...

So.... I got my new Mac Today!!!!

It's going to be a little bit of an adjustment, coming off Windows XP, but the keyboard isn't actually very differently spaced than my Thinkpad's was so that's a plus, no awkward fingering of the keys.

I'm installing the Sims 3 on it, and all my Expansion Packs, and Office, and The Adobe Suite CS 4, so it's going to be super sweet. All it needs now to be the most awsomest computer ever is for me to stop being a looser at Mac and remember to hit the command key instead of control...

Also I think I could use a new Wacom tablet to go with it. My Intuos 2 is pretty much at work all the time because the cord is going and I'm afraid to transport it. I think I want the cordless one so this kind of thing doesn't happen to me again with the next one. Still I think I'll wait a little considering the chunk of change I just sort of dropped on this... I say sort of because I took the 12 month same as cash financing, to spread it out.

Trillian for Mac is SUCK tho... not like the awesome it is on Windows... so I've had to go with Aduim instead. Not pleased about the Duck icon in my tray tho, wish it wasn't quite so ugly...

Macs are Strange... but... I think I'm going to like mine!!!!

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December Drivers...

Dear December Drivers,

Just because it is December, doesn't mean you whackados can go about driving however you please. I get it... you have shopping to be done. That's lovely... but the following things you should please, keep in mind.

* If you are making a right on red, you should not be cutting off people going straight... but more than that you should ABSOLUTELY not be cutting off people going straight in the LEFT LANE. Right on Red puts you in the right lane only. Never the left. Cut it out.

* Make your left hand turns wide enough, and look out for divided roads. I've been nose to nose at a red light with too many people these past few weeks who have taken their left, too tight and wound up on the wrong side of the dividing barrier, driving at me head on, and looking at me like I'm the moron when I lay on the horn to point out that, hi, I'm here. And I'm the one pointed the right way.

* And do me one last favor. Learn how to operate stop signs. Firstly, be aware of three way stops. Sometimes one road doesn't have a stop sign. They are not cutting you off... it's a three way stop. Secondly, just because someone is going left, doesn't mean you get to go first. You only get to go first if someone else got there at the same time as you and they're going left. If they're already stopped when you pull up... they get to go before you.

Thank you,
Your Fellow Drivers